- STACK_TOP configurable
- Patch for ProgramHeader [DONE]
- Insert Comment for explanation why needing Running InitializeAssembly() manually [DONE]
- Adding more DWARF sections to debug local variables.
- Check Permission of all SysCalls, like GetPhysicalMemory
- Don’t run all apps with full IOCPL permissions
- Add interprocess synchronization mechanisms like mutex and semaphore.
- no kernel panic if user apps is crashing
- Switch from Text Mode to Graphics Mode without boot loader, if booted in text mode.
- Add x64 support
- avoid using “unsafe” keyword.
- Using more ref structs.
- Finalize File-System Interface
- Free Handles on User app quit
- Ext2-Driver
- Network stack
- Basic USB-Support
- Move ConsoleHost to central Service
- Multiplexing ConsoleHost for multiple clients / allow multiple virtual consoles
Implement Memory-/Allocation-friendly Dictionary “KDictionary”.
Porting “newlib” with basic SysCalls.
Simple Command Line Interpreter
Porting true, false, cat, readline and echo, as native c apps for proof of concept unix app tests, based on newlib.
Adding automated tests
Optimize Argument parsing of abctl to allow optional parameters (–name value) and bulk actions (build a,b,c)
Attaching “Networkdisk” to all kinds of qemu runs.
Add helper function to abctl to start/stop HostCommunication.exe